Research papers

Within the research scope of the project, many successful research topics were being solved with the official partners and other international colleagues. The aim was to broaden the horizons in the area of interest and to establish cooperation with other institutions and experts in the field. As a result, following articles have been published in renowned scientific journals:

  1. PRAUZEK, Michal; KONECNY, Jaromir. Optimizing of q-learning day/night energy strategy for solar harvesting environmental wireless sensor networks nodes. Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika, 2021, 27.3: 50-56.
  2. PATEROVA, Tereza; PRAUZEK, Michal. Estimating harvestable solar energy from atmospheric pressure using deep learning. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 2021, 27.5: 18-25.
  3. SONGOK, Joel, et al. Numerical simulation of heat recovery from asphalt pavement in Finnish climate conditions. International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 2023, 187: 108181.
  4. PRAUZEK, Michal, et al. Data-Driven Self-Learning Controller for Power-Aware Mobile Monitoring IoT Devices. Computers, Materials & Continua, 2022, 70.2.
  5. PATEROVA, Tereza, et al. Environment-monitoring IoT devices powered by a TEG which converts thermal flux between air and near-surface soil into electrical energy. Sensors, 2021, 21.23: 8098.
  6. PRAUZEK, Michal, et al. IoT Sensor Challenges for Geothermal Energy Installations Monitoring: A Survey. Sensors, 2023, 23.12: 5577.
  7. PRAUZEK, Michal; KONECNY, Jaromir; PATEROVA, Tereza. An Analysis of Double Q-learning Based Energy Management Strategies for TEG-powered IoT Devices. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2023.
  8. SCHOLZ, Peter, et al. Sheet Metal Design Approach for 3D Shaped Facade Elements with Integrated Solar Thermal Functionality. In: Solar. MDPI, 2023. p. 213-228.
  9. MACHACEK, Zdenek, et al. An Investigation of Thermoelectric Generators Used as Energy Harvesters in a Water Consumption Meter Application. Energies, 2021, 14.13: 3768.
  10. KONECNY, Jaromir; PRAUZEK, Michal; BOROVA, Monika. Fuzzy Controlled Wavelet Based Edge Computing Method for Energy Harvesting IoT Sensors. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2023.