2nd International Summer School

Welcome to the 2nd International Summer School on Research & Innovation in the Geothermal energy within the GeoUS Horizon 2020 project. The summer school will take place on August 21-26, 2022.

The summer school is intended primarily for early-stage researchers but will also be open to other students. You can look forward to the lectures, workshops, and a webinar led by experienced researchers from Fraunhofer Institute in Chemnitz, the University of Vaasa, and the VSB - Technical University of Ostrava.

The first day of the Summer school will focus on general skills, such as important steps in writing scientific papers or how use various scientific tool like (Google scholar, Scopus, etc.). The following days will be devoted to the topic of geothermal energy. We wil focus on recent research, how to transver knowledge and build excellent research in this area and participate in future high-quality research activities and innovation in the geothermal energy. Following topics will be inculded: design of innovative sorptive heat storage prototypes and suitable manufacturing technologies, individualized facade design in combination with solar thermal energy as a supplementary heat source for geothermal systems, case-studies to develop understanding, how to design and construction of boreholes heat exchangers, Energostructures – heat exploitation and storage, non-traditional sources of energy – mine waters, coal waste rock dumps. The course will be added with two excursion in the company GreenGas (specified on heat energy storage, CHP units ) and DIAMO (state enterprise specified on mine waters utilization for heat production).

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