About GeoUS


GeoUS supports increasing of research excellence level at VSB-TUO with close international cooperation with partners FRAUNHOFER and UVA. GeoUS will enable VSB-TUO to expand its network with leading research organisations in geothermal energy. It also involves early stage researchers to support future development of research activities impacting in the Moravia Region in line with the Regional and National Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization (RIS3 Strategy) and ESIF targets. GeoUS will be delivered in close communication with City Authority of Ostrava, Moravian-Silesian Regional Authority and also with Czech national authorities.

The project addresses following core objectives:

  1. Transfer knowledge and build excellent research through collaboration between VSB and two leading European institutions focused on geothermal energy;
  2. Increase scientific excellence of VSB and its capacity to participate in future high-quality research activities and innovation in thermal energy in Central Europe;
  3. Increase VSB’s involvement in the scientific and industrial community of geothermal energy exploitation, with emphasis on supporting the international activities of young researchers and research teams;
  4. Widen the visibility of VSB as a centre of excellence for thermal energy;
  5. Motivate Master’s degree students to develop their career in scientific area of geothermal energy;
And how do we do it? Video of our work.

As part of the project, a video was created about the work on the project. In the interview you will find interviews with key team members and demonstrators of our work. You can watch the video at the following link:


More about our project:

Brochure 1
Introduces the research in geothermal energy as well as each partner of the consortium and their expertise in this research field. Moreover, these brochures were also printed and were provided for free at the GeoUS events.

Brochure 1
Introduces the purpose of the project and current outcomes of the consortium in the research in geothermal energy. Moreover, these brochures were also printed and were provided for free at the GeoUS events.