Webinar 7 - Ethics and Equality

Date: 21. 4. 2022
Time: 12:15 – 15:00

We would like to invite you a to a webinar, which will be held as a part of the GeoUS project.

The topic of the webinar is "Ethics and Equality".

The webinar will take place on 21th April 2022 at 12:15. The webinar will be led by Tommi Lehtonen - the Director of Responsibility and Ethics at the University of Vaasa, Finland. This lecture will discusses the fundamentals of ethics, proceeding to specific questions about sustainable development, equality and the ethics of science. The idea is to help you reflect on relevant ethical aspects in your life and work.

Content includes:

  1. What is ethics? And what does ethics mean to you?
  2. Roots of ethics
  3. Ethics can give several answers
  4. Are ethical statements objectively true?
  5. Models of morality
  6. Ethics and sustainability
  7. Ethics of sufficiency
  8. Equality and sufficiency
  9. Ethics of science

Tommi Lehtonen is the Director of Responsibility and Ethics at the University of Vaasa, Finland. He specializes in ethics, social philosophy, and philosophy of science, and has extensive experience in multi- and interdisciplinary research both in Finland and abroad. His expertise areas include the role of attitudes in decision-making and choice behaviour, values and ethics of management, and sustainability in economic, social and cultural contexts. Lehtonen is the author of After Secularization (Magnus Publications, 2012) and the editor of Perspectives on Culture, Values, and Justice (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015) together with Chandana Chakrabarti. Lehtonen has published widely in philosophical and social scientific journals.

The registration is required until Tuesday 19. 4. 2022.

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The webinar will be realised using Microsoft Teams. You will receive the link just before the webinar.

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