Mirek’s internship in Vaasa

Date: 31. 8. 2022 – 1. 12. 2022

The last participant of the internship was Miroslav Schneider. He spent a total of three months (31. 8. 2022 – 1. 12. 2022) in Vaasa, Finland, specifically at the University of Vaasa. His supervisor at the University of Vaasa was J. Birgitta Martinkauppi.

Here is a short evaluation of the internship by Miroslav himself:

“I have been on a three-month internship at the University of Vaasa in Vaasa where I became a part of a research project. The internship took place under the guidance of my supervisor Birgitta Martinkauppi.

My work was focused on studying the possibilities of using the image signal from a regular camera of the built-in system to obtain data useful for navigation in three-dimensional space.

The work was specified for the interior spaces of buildings and mine spaces. The positioning is based on QR tags situated on a defined layer in the field of view. Test measurements were done to verify the focal length and other camera parameters.

The program part was created as a unique MatLab script code. Basic measurements were performed to verify the correct script function. All practice is ready to be used for my dissertation and further cooperation of participating universities.

The internship was very beneficial. I gained new knowledge in the field of machine vision, specifically in projective transformation and new data fusion approaches. My English skills were also improved.”

Miroslav and his colleagues from University of Vaasa.

Miroslav on his way home.