Trainee at UVA

Date: 20. 3. 2023 - 24. 3. 2023

As part of the project, several trainee events were held. Acquaint themselves with recent state of the art in geothermal energy applications, technologies of their monitoring, optimization, etc. with a specific focus on activities of research partners and their business partners. The visiting researchers visited geothermal platforms and did so some experiments like measurements and analyses. They also visited a couple of business partners.

A training course on "Scientific skills and knowledge training" was held from 22.8. to 27.8. 2021. Activities were carried out that contributed to raising the research and innovation skills of VSB staff to an international level. The training covered state-of-the-art research and innovation procedures and multidisciplinary skills. Lectures and workshops were given by researchers from Fraunhofer and UVA in the field of geothermal energy use in special underground structures.

Training at UVA - 20. 3. to 24. 3. 2023.

The second training on "Scientific skills and knowledge training" was organized as hybrid event. Partially took place in Vaasa from 20. 3. to 24. 3. 2023, partially online and partially in Chemnitz 25. and 27.4.2023. At the training, staff from Fraunhofer IWU, University of Turku and VSB-TUO presented their research activities and workplaces in turn. During the training, a representative of VSB-TUO was personally present in Vaasa EnergyWeek 20.3 - 24.3.2023 and visited exhibition and seminars.

Online part of the training:

Vaasa Energy Week

Face to face meeting in Chemnitz